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Double Your Gift and Impact at Sharky's Giving Challenge Fair, Venice, Florida

TODAY IS THE DAY! Come visit us at the Giving Challenge Fair at Sharky's. We'll be here 12-7pm with fun games, prizes, amazing incentives and our smiling faces. Let's have some fun and make a huge impact today.

To further assist in the Giving Challenge, Venice Pier Group has developed incentives for donors who contribute at the event:

  • A free dessert to anyone who donates $100

  • Free lunch for 2 people at Sharky’s for anyone who makes 5 - $100 donations (total donation of $500)

  • Free dinner for two people at Fins for anyone who makes 10 - $100 donations (total donation of $1,000)

  • Each $100+ donation also gets entered into a chance drawing to win a big prize.

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