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Within the mission and ministry of Habitat for Humanity there is a place for everyone to share their time, talents and treasure. Some volunteers pound nails or use a paintbrush, others participate in family selection or work in our ReStores.


Required Safety Course

Online safety training courses give Habitat affiliates a streamlined way to provide construction crews and volunteers with safety know-how needed during home building and while working in ReStores. No one wants injury on their job sites; but injuries happen, even to the most seasoned homebuilder.

Volunteer with us!

Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County Inc., builds strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat homes are built through the generosity of volunteers like you. Volunteer opportunities are available for every skill level from beginner to advanced.


Volunteer opportunities are available:  in our ReStore, in our corporate office, or on the construction site; we value your time and contribution spent in supporting our mission.

Your talents will be utilized to their fullest. We pride ourselves in placing you in an area that will best utilize your skills and talents. Also, volunteering helps build deep relationships, have fun, and make a positive impact with other charity-minded individuals in our South Sarasota Community.

Getting started is simple using the buttons above.

  • First, take the required online safety courses.

    • We have a variety of safety courses available, but only the following two courses are required to volunteer:

      • Volunteering On A Habitat for Humanity Job Site

      • Restore Safety and Loss Control for Volunteers

  • And you are in! Check the VolunteerUp calendar for opportunities! 

find the perfect opportunity for you


Building houses is certainly synonymous with the Habitat for Humanity name.  There are construction tasks to fit all skill levels and a willing volunteer can learn to do just about anything on the construction site, with the exception of a few highly skilled tasks (electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, concrete work). Most of the work done on our homes is done by volunteers. 


Habitat ReStore Home Center

The mission of the Restore Home Centers is to support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Inc. The proceeds are applied to build more Habitat homes.

The ReStores, staffed by volunteers and employees, receive donated items of furniture, appliances, quality home improvement items, clothes and selected new inventory, and resells them at a greatly reduced price.  ReStore volunteer opportunities include:

  • Receiving:  The Receiving area is essential to the operation of the ReStore.  It coordinates and conducts donations pick-ups and deliveries.  All items donated pass through Receiving.

  • Merchandising Prep:  Donated items often need to be cleaned, priced and “touched up” before they are put on the sales floor.

  • Greeter/Sales: Customers that are greeted when they enter have a more pleasant shopping experience.  Assisting the Cashier and Receiving is needed to help customers with their purchases.


Community Relations

Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Inc. participates in a number of special events each year.  These include our annual fundraiser, public relations, fairs, expos, annual meetings and educational offerings that raise the awareness of Habitat and its mission.  Volunteers are always needed at these events.


Volunteers can help with general organizational and administrative tasks around the office. We occasionally have special project volunteer opportunities such as help with large mailings, mailing list maintenance, and special talent needs such as photography, interpreters, and computer expertise.



  • Homeowner Services: Volunteers recruit, interview, and recommend families for Habitat homes. They help to make the family self-sufficient. Members work with the family and remain a support for as long as the family has a mortgage with Habitat.

  • Events and Community Development Committee (ECDC): Plans and implements events to include sponsorships, logistics, marketing, and volunteerism—Attends Community outreach events to distribute information about our mission and ways to help.

  • Finance Committee:  Manages revenue, expenses, and financial priorities for the Affiliate

  • ReStore Committee: The ReStore Committee oversees the operation of the ReStores including merchandising strategy, marketing, budgeting, and performance appraisal.

questions about volunteering?

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