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Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2022 - Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County

Kelsey is a future Habitat homeowner, and to her, working on Habitat job sites is more than perfecting power tools skills. It's personal growth and self-love; it's her young daughter looking into the eyes of a strong female role model.

Kelsey shares:

"I've gained more confidence. When I first when to the jobs, I was so anxious. The only experience I had working in a house was with a man, who pretty much just yelled at me. So, to be at a job site where it is almost all older men was intimidating, to say the least. The first time I had to follow directions and read a T square I cried right there in the middle of what would be the living room while reading measurements being yelled to me. However, the yelling was only to be heard over all the power tools. I learned I have a hard time with pressure. I took some time outside and took some deep breaths.
Being at the job site made me reflect on the way I speak to myself. It was drywall week and I was using a power drill. These men seemed like professionals never missing their mark. There I was, not figuring out why my screws weren’t going in. Another volunteer looked at me and said: "Sounds like you’re in reverse." I thought “No way, not me.” But sure enough, I was. I remember thinking “Wow, seriously Kelsey."
This experience made me reflect and remind myself to speak kindly to myself. I've never done any of this before and my dad passed away when I was 8. My mom tried her best to show basic upkeep of a house. Nothing like what I've experienced at the build sites with Habitat. I'm so grateful to experience this and be able to discover my strengths, uncover my weaknesses and work on them. Thank you to all the kind volunteers that shed light on the job site! You are all doing amazing work and I'm so appreciative." -Kelsey S.

We often say "strong women build strong communities", but what does it take to be a strong woman? It takes faith, resilience, uplifting those who need it, but most importantly -- confidence in yourself. The women in our community are builders of homes AND hope. They make an impact through their words and actions, inspiring others to build strong communities. Thank you for all that you do!

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